Sunday 18 March 2012

“For many are called, but few chosen?”

Everybody is saved: True or false?

Didn’t Jesus die for all of us, for all our sins; the sins of all humanity, our past sins, our present sins, and even for the sins we will do in the future. We conclude that we are all saved. Yes?

So why would Jesus stated, “For many are called, but few chosen” in Matthew 20:16?  He died for everybody. Therefore, many are called. So why few are chosen? The chosen ones, what did they do to be selected? What steps did they take to be saved? It is straightforward. If it were so basic than why would only a few know? The chosen fulfilled the only condition that needed to be saved.  They accepted Jesus as the one that God had sent. They believed that Jesus is the Son of God, who paid for the penalty of their sins, John 3:16. Therefore salvation is easy.  So why should others not be chosen.  This analogy will help understand.

This analogy explains how easy it is to be saved and why many refuse to be saved. Jesus’ death and resurrection represents a life jacket, and the lifeboat represent the kingdom of God. A sinner is one that is in the ocean destines to drown.  The ocean represents the world.  How long can one stay afloat? Eventually, one gets tired, sinks, and drowns. A lifeboat comes along, and a life jacket is thrown to the ones in the ocean. Unfortunately, many refuse to seize the life jacket and let it drift away. Some grab the life jacket, but instead of swimming toward the lifeboat they swim the opposite way. Eventually they let go of the life jacket and drown. Some grab the life jacket, swim toward the lifeboat and grab on to the side of the lifeboat but refuse to get in the lifeboat until the lifeboat get to shore. The shore represents eternal life.  Only a few grabs on to the life jacket and get into the lifeboat and once in, they help by throwing life jacket in the ocean.

In a nutshell, I just explained the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:3-23. Consequently, all could have been saved, only a few accepted to be saved. Hence, do you consider being a strong swimmer who loves the ocean? Eventually, you will get tired and will drown. So, why not get into the lifeboat?

In conclusion: What did the chosen ones do to be selected?  They choose to be chosen. Salvation is for everybody.  Find out how easy it is to be on the lifeboat by reading this article title, “To become a Christian, that is easy, First & Final Step...all you need to do is to Believe.  This is why and how.”

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