Friday 18 September 2009

Imminency of Christ return

Imminency of Christ return


As we understand the law of physic and we would see a heavy mass hanging by a fine thread over our head, we wound conclude that the mass is ready to fall at any moment. That is imminent (about to happen). When we see a heavy mass hanging by a steel cable, we conclude that it would take some time before it fall. It will take some changes in the mass or in the wear of the cable before we could conclude that it could be imminent.


If we know, how to discerned the sign of time we can therefore predict the imminent return of Jesus, not His return but the state of it imminency, or condition nearby pertaining the event of His return. The study of bible prophecy should be considered as a science of discerning the sign of His imminent return and not the time of His return.


Many student of bible prophecy including myself concluded that we are living in the imminent return of Our Lord. The establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 seems to be the final event before His return predicted in Ezekiel (which is the rapture for the church and judgement to all nations).  His return is hanging by a thread

Atheist asks me why God allow suffering

Atheist asks me why God allow suffering?


Why ask me…Ask God…oh ya, you don't believe in a living God. So the question you should ask is "Why man allow suffering?" Why blame someone that doesn't exist?


God gave the most precious gift… choice.  Yet choices (good or bad) have consequences. Are you mature enough to accept the consequences?  Do you want God to take away only the bad one?


He gave everyone that unique gift.  Yet, many have taken away that gift from someone. You see it from government to within a marriage relationship.  Are you a control freak?…than you have taken away that gift from someone.


He gave Adam free choice.  You may contest that Adam have nothing to do with your choice.  But, what about you?  What about now?  Is it your way or God's way?  You have today the same choice Adam had.


But you contest…I'm not a killer, I harm no one.  Why God does not stop those who commit atrocities?  Killing is only one commandment. To whose standard should God use to intervene in the affair of man?  Yours?


You contest again by stating that no one is perfect and no one can keep the commandments.  You are right.  That is why, by one man (Adam) all have sin, by one man (Jesus) we can all be saved.  God have sent His Son to pay for the penalty of all sins, so that whoever believed in Him may have eternal life.  (Save by grace not by work). That simple.


To believe….that is your choice.  Chose life.



Atheist swearing and cursing

Atheist swearing and cursing…No way! They only use God's name in vain.


Why is some atheists use God's name in vain? How often do I hear them crying out "Jesus" or "for God sake" to emphasized their frustration?


Why use a name that does not exist? Why not use Allah or Buddha? Why is "God" and "Jesus" 's name so popular to use?


I tell you why? It is not a cultural phenomenon.  It is because it is a spiritual law. Not a law of man but of God Himself.


"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His names in vain"