Friday 13 July 2007

Free is free

Free is free. All members of the body of Christ have the responsibility to share the gospel. In China, that is the only way that it is preach. In the western society it had been done through an apostolic structure. Many people prefer that system so that they could get away from their responsibility.


The Replacement Theology is the causes of many misconceptions and false doctrines. I defined the term "Replacement Theology " to be the belief that entered in the early Church that Christianity superseded Israel and that God's blessings are now for the Church. The gospel on prosperity is one of them. Many church teach tithing as a commandment and the law. Nowhere in the New Testament states such a commandment. It is voluntary and as the individual can give.


Israel plays an important role in end time prophecy. The Church role now is to preach the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom of God as a witness to all nations.

And that is free and given voluntarily.  As our citizenship is in heaven and so is our reward. America is a gentile nation with allot of false teaching.