Friday 20 May 2011

Wesley Pruden

Wesley Pruden

Obama's great gift to the Palestinians

By Wesley Pruden | Barack Obama to Israel: Drop dead.

He announced Thursday that a Palestinian state, soon to be decreed by the United Nations General Assembly, must be drawn to 1967 borders. This tells the Palestinians and their Arab allies and enablers that events do not have to have consequences.

We're not supposed to remember that the Arab states attacked Israel in 1967 (and again in 1973), betting they could crush the Jews and take the looted land. Instead they were themselves squashed like bugs. Their airmen were shot out of the skies and their soldiers, routed, threw away their shoes in the desert and ran in panic looking for somewhere to hide, like Mr. Lincoln's army fleeing Manassas. The losers have been demanding a mulligan ever since, and now Barack Obama has offered them one.

Insult was added to injury when the president, in what the White House called"a major speech," announced his betrayal of Israel on the eve of the arrival in Washington of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Until now Washington had insisted that Israel and the Palestinians should negotiate their borders. Mr. Obama has changed the rules, moved the goalpost and for good measure tilted the playing field against the Jews. Agreement first, then the negotiations.

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