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THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think 



Rev 9:11  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit,  
whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: The Biggest Lie On Earth

Most people know Christmas is a lie.  But because it has mixed itself with some things they consider true, the part of it that is a lie, is relegated to the corner and over-looked as "harmless".  This is done primarily because the ministers in America's Churches today, set the example, encourage the activity, and include it's celebrations as part of it's "Church" life.  What most people do not know however, is that for well over 200 consistent years in America, evangelical Christians unanimously considered it to be the worship of the Devil.  And this opinion was not based on superstition or ignorance, but rather hundreds of years worth of research into the subject following the Reformation in Europe, where every Reformer in every corner of the Reformation, from Switzerland, to England, to France, to Germany, recognized not only it's error but it's blasphemy.  These opinions themselves not originating from Protestant Reformers, but actually the earliest Latin Fathers, even among those looked to as authoritative by the Roman Church itself.  In Rome, a Pope by the name of 3 Sixes, made this worship the law of the Roman empire in 435 A.D., and even dissenters in Rome, were forced to remain silent, or face destruction.  Today, thanks to the work of the Religious-Reich, America is being intentionally returned to such an era, where objection to compulsory worship of Rome's image, is being stamped out, punished, silenced and persecuted, in some places with a vengeance. And the odd thing, is that leading Rome's charge, are the very descendants of America's own Evangelicals who once knew the difference between an ancient Roman solar-devil, and the Christ it claimed to follow. While it is understandable that certain religions in America would feel personally compelled to observe Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, it is not understandable that anyone even remotely associated with the term "Evangelical" would do such a thing, except out of pure ignorance of both their own history, and the theology of Rome's solar-mass. A theology known as "Nicolaitanism" in the New Testament, and given the unconditional promise of damnation. Read this site to find out why such reaction by the earliest Apostolic community, was thought to be no harsh criticism, of what was happening as early as the writing of the New Testament itself.


INTRODUCTION TO THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS    The term "Christmas" along with all the other things that are said loudly, publicly, dogmatically, violently and incessantly ...and with the assistence of 4 billion dollars a year in "commercial" promotions rank this "holy day", as the loudest of the entire year. Beginning now even before Americans finish their last piece of Turkey on Thanksgiving, the promotions for "Christmas" begin. Why so much effort? Why is the tone so loud that it literally drowns everything else out? Why is it promoted to the point of "compulsion"? The answer to these questions are shocking, and not at all what you have been told, neither as an American, nor as a "Christian". Virtually everything you have been told, (and subjected too) is pure "propaganda" and "disinformation".  In fact, this day of Imperial "sun-worship" from ancient Rome's "golden days" of absolutist medieval fascist dictatorship are being intentionally "restored" in America, for precisely it's same ancient function, not religion, but control.  And "control" is simply put, the overly nice word for it.  In political terms, it might be called fascist dictatorship, in theological terms, it is simply called demonic.  Naturally, it wraps itself in layers upon layers of flags and Jesus statues, buttons and bumper stickers, to sucker it's primary obstacle into it's own ranks, (& unfortunately it has worked).  Rome's "solar-mass" to a deity identified in the Bible as "Apollyon" is not now, nor has it ever been a "Christ" mass.  And no Protestant in history ever called it that without cringing, some fearing even speaking the title itself to be an act of "blasphemy".  The real origin and meaning of Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon, even troubled Latin fathers, who also denounced it's ritual, fraudulently conducted "in the name of Christ".

THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY  is in the Bible.  Every year, you will hear Ministers get up and read from the Bible at Christmas.  But the oddest thing about THE CHRISTMAS STORY,  is that the Ministers never read the parts of the Bible that actually speak about THE CHRISTMAS STORY.  (The "real" story that is) Instead they read about the Birth of Christ.  All along, admitting they know he wasn’t really born then,  and isn’t really the reason for their Christ-mass? Find out the shocking truth about why the state is being used to enforce compulsory homage of an Icon that masks the worship of an ancient Roman solar-daemon mentioned by name in the New Testament as the false Christ of those would follow the antichrist.  This solar-daemon was also by no coincidence, the actual protector deity of Rome's Pontiff Maximus, and thus his empire !! This is the Christmas story they don't want you to ever hear about. Find out the truth that motivated America's original Pilgrims to cross an entire ocean and risk their own lives ( many of whom even losing their lives) to find religious freedom on the shores of America.... freedom from CHRISTMAS.  Read the truth about THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY  , that the now familiar but fictitious Nativity story was created to hide.  Literally invented and carelessly patched together with "Christian" Bible verses, not to "save the pagans" as Rome claims, but to deceive the "Christians". The same who, throughout history, would never agree to this worship, even despite the state sponsored, state enforced lie, threatening imprisonment, starvation or even death.

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON     You will be surprised to discover it had nothing to do with "Christ".  On December 14th, 1971 in defense of the state's observance of Christ-Mass, it was openly declared and publicly recorded in our own Public Congressional Record .  So what does it have to do with then?  The truth is that it revolved around the worship of an ancient Sun-god known as Apollo, previously Apollon in Greece (NT=Apollyon), the worship of which, the ancient Roman Ceasar Constantine was said to have been "addicted".  This VERY SUN-GOD is mentioned BY NAME and condemned in the Scriptures. AND... prophesied in the New Testament as a FALSE CHRIST which would be the real "deity" of a Roman-Christian "empire" which would come in "Christ's name", but would deceive the world into damnation under a "Man of Sin" who would "speak as God"; The real "reason for the season" is that a group of people who were called "Nicolaitans" in the New Testament, became the dominant strain of "Christianity" in Rome because it assimilated all of Rome's pagan customs into it's practices under the label of "Christ".  But it was a "Christ" that was not the Biblical Christ and one that was not of "Flesh".  Because of it's promotion of Roman religious and cultural practices, it became the most popular practice in Rome, where it eventually was placed into power as the "State" religion of the Roman empire, under Constantine, and made the actual State-Law under a Pope by the name of Sixtus III (literally 666).  Find out THE REAL REASON   for the season, that the now familiar but fictitious, "Nativity story" was literally "invented" to hide.


THE CHRIST OF CHRIST-MASS    The "Christ" they wish to put "back into" Christmas has been CONFUSED with a CHRIST who was NEVER part of CHRISTMAS to begin with.  Rome did not even intend the REAL CHRIST to be part of CHRIST-MASS.  Rome intended to CREATE an ICON socially and psychologically engineered for the benefit of THE ROMAN EMPIRE, to give Rome absolute power over the hearts and minds of a medieval fascist dictatorship.  These well known but rarely discussed brutal historical facts are shocking to the senses of modern people.  The Christ they wish to "put back" into Christmas is a ROMAN CHRIST, that never existed, and everyone would be much better off without.  So dramatic and diabolical was the deception, Catholic dissident, and later Reformation Theologians warned the worshiping of THIS Christ, could very well even endanger one's eternal destiny.  Not only was this Christ intentionally created to be a FALSE CHRIST to replace the REAL ONE, orders were issued to have every living member of his natural family exterminated to make sure the Roman Icon went unchallenged by pesky matters of reality.  Find out how the REAL CHRIST actually prophesied this Roman Icon desgined from the very beginning to bury him, and warned anyone patronizing this violent and cruel deception would be endangering their salvation.

THE MASS OF CHRIST-MASS  CHRIST-MASS is a central calendar observance of  the Roman Mass.  A practice started out of intense anti-Semitic hatred of Jews, openly confessed by the Nicene Council, and created as a substitute for the Passover Seder commanded by the REAL CHRIST. The real Christ admittedly never had anything to do with a Roman Mass and not only observed the Seder meal, but commanded his disciples to do so as well. The Mass, established as a counter to the Passover, after which [though celebrated by followers of Christ for centuries] was actually outlawed as a crime against the state of Rome.  The Mass is the ritualistic killing of an enemy of Rome at Saturnalia, and it's observance is STILL practiced as the killing of Christ to this day. CHRIST-MASS is actually not "celebrating his birth".  It is "celebrating" his execution Rome itself conducted, and scapegoated Jews on behalf of, in a doctrine called "blood liable".  It was also the official institutional rejection  by Rome, of the very blood and body of THE REAL CHRIST who was Jewish, and in form, if not letter, the New Testament version of the "Abomination of Desolation".  The actual CHRIST-MASS itself is the cloaking of the high holy day of the Roman Empire, THE SOLAR-MASS, patterned ritualistically as a form of magic, for the purpose of Imperial Emperor worship.

THE PATRON SAINT OF CHRIST-MASS    The mystery of the "Patron Saint" of CHRIST-MASS is no mystery. "Saint Nicholas", known as an amibigious "early saint" who suddenly acquires a new history called "tradition" in the after-math of the Iconoclast wars in 847 CE. Find out how the "Patron Saint" of CHRIST-MASS, "Saint Nicolas" was long known before 847 CE and how he, as the association today suggests, is the actual "founder" of CHRIST-MASS (father Christ-Mass).  What you are not told is that when he "founded" this syncretistic practice between paganism and NT faith, it was condemned as immoral filth and compared to adultery.  The words are recorded by the writers of the New Testament, along with this "Patron Saint" whose followers are cursed by John in his vision of the risen Christ.  The Mythical Character Santa Clause derived from the Patron Saint Nicolas, was actually brought to life through incorporation of Masonic symbolism, looking back to Nimrod, king of Babylon, [founder of the "legend of the Craft"] in Masonry, and the proto-type of the Antichrist! 

THE CHRIST-MASS TREE   "Solar-mass Apologists" crusade the internet informing people an obvious reference in Jeremiah to a Tree being cut down, placed in a stand, and decorated with silver and gold have "nothing to do with their Christmas tree".  Unfortunately, the historical practices of the winter solstice in the Middle East are well documented by modern archeologists.  The fact is that Mithraic practices were being assimilated into Israel [known to all historians] and reflected in the texts of the Tanakh, where both the ancient festival and its modern practice is thoroughly denounced in scores of texts.  The New Testament in keeping with their predeccessors, openly called these practices the cause of separation from God, the practice of Apostates and the unmistakable mark of one's potential future damnation. Prophets warned if you mix the worship of God with the lake of fire in the sky, that is where you will go when you die.  It is a worship the prophets warned God does not accept, and is a dangerous deception, which the Prophets labeled a "Delusion" centuries before Christ was ever born.

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST-MASS    Ever wonder why CHURCHES have STEEPLES on them? [Old English for "Tower"]?  You might be surprised to discover it has to do with the Roman Christ of Christ-Mass and the same theology that motivated a Pope to call himself by the name of Sixtus III. [Literally 666] Constantine intentionally named THE FIRST CHURCH he built, the THEA SOPHIA, after the False Christ of the Egyptian gnostics.  The CHURCH created to celebrate CHRIST-MASS was ACTUALLY created to fulfill the roles of the "bride of Christ" and "whore of Babylon" due to the influence of Eastern Monism prevalent in Roman "mystery religion" of the era.  Leaders in every stream of Christianity for 5 centuries, including Roman Catholic, recognized the hallmarks of this institution as having fulfilled an ominous prophecy, and went so far as to warn participation placed everyone in "eternal danger". Thus creating what we call today, the Protestant Reformation. A movement begun by Roman Catholic clergy, in fear of what they had discovered!

 THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST-MASS     We are constantly told the "Spirit of Christmas" is every ideal of human warmth and kindness to BE celebrated by all? Jews, Muslims and even Atheists are "expected" to "join in" without question or hesitation in this "holy day" promoted by the State.  Why is it that NO ONE [including your Pastor] bothers to ever tell you, the name of the man in Rome who established this "holy day" as State law, was actually named 666!  Literally! And yet most Christians todsy have never even heard of him! People from all denominations including Roman Catholic CLERGY, who spent centuries examining and debating these texts, recognized this imperial power as the "Man of Sin" prophesied to come by the NT and stated so in public records for nearly 500 consecutive years.  The "Christmas" CHRIST was identified as the prophesied "ICON of the beast" to be worshipped by force of law, that would lead the world into deception. Before it is finished the force of that law, will brutally murder more people throughout history, than any other organization in previous history. 

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS   The "magic" of CHRIST-MASS is that in a country where 70% of the population should find CHRIST-MASS absolutely unacceptable, it is Federal Law, Federally Funded and it's participation is legally Mandated, from Public education to government office, even if you are so far removed as to be an Atheist. And at a time when conservatives claim there is not so much money available to even feed people, they demand ever increasing budgets and government extravaganzas at tax payer expense to fund public displays of idolatry, "in the name of Christ" who has the honor of becoming a blonde-haired, blue eyed Gaelic Apollo-Baby and serving as Cheif Idol in a pantheon of idols once known as "the Abomination of Desolation".   It is obviously something some would call a "miracle" or "magic" but not the kind you really want to be a part of from a Biblical perspective.  Find out how this "magic"  is prophesied in the New Testament as well, and not the kind you would want to participate in.  There... it is called a magical "delusion".  A "magic ritual" that swaps the definition of the Biblical God, for an entity that is described in the New Testament as a "false Christ" that would rule over followers of the Antichrist himself. There it is described as the great "Delusion".  The same term employed by Charles Dickens himself upon writing THE CHRISTMAS CAROL, and the "vicious caricature" of Ebenezer Scrooge, on its behalf. 

THE JOY OF CHRIST-MASS  Unlike the "image' it's promoters constantly create on television, CHRIST-MASS is by far the saddest, most depressive, and even deadliest times of the entire year. Find out how its practices have been implicated in everything from the actual cause of divorces, to financial ruin, to even death itself.  Find out how the true "devastation" of this practice runs both into the billions of dollars and impacts our lives in ways we rarely are allowed to realize.  Find out how it negatively affects not only on our personal lives, our marriages, our finances, but even our national economy, our environment and our "spiritual lives".  Fragile and unstable personalities frequently collapse under the stress of it's annual demanding social rituals leading to peaks in random violence and crime.  Its consequences for both you the individual, your family and even  your society, are the complete opposite of what they claim with yearly multi-million dollar promotions based on pure known intentional deciet.  "Merry Deathmas?"  THE JOY OF CHRIST-MASS

THE SCROOGE OF CHRIST-MASS   The Christmas productions of GRINCH and SCROOGE on closer examination are full of intolerance against people who, for "conscientious reasons" preferred not to participate in Rome's Solar-Mass, now called a "Christ" mass.  Who were these "awful scrooges"? They were actually Jewish & Protestant New England "FOUNDING FATHERS". And while they had no desire to celebrate Rome's Solar-mass, they were opposing Rome's slavery in the South, where the first "Christmas" in America was made STATE LAW, thanks to Valladolid Catholicism promoted by Jesuit slave-traders in Southern slave-port cities.  Later this theology became the basis of the Klan and its promotion of CHRIST-MASS in the 1920s.  "Scrooge" is a residual orgy of anti-Semitism  [as many Jewish children are aware], composed by Dickens, who referred to his "villain" as THE JEW and created the most vile anti-Semitic caricature ever penned in the history of the English language.   The "ghost of Christ-mass past", did not "haunt" Ebenezer [a real man Dickens misrepresented]!  But rather Dickens himself, who destroyed 20 years of letters to "hide" his own past. 

YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE!  Unknown to most Americans, and most Christians, the famous letter written by Francis Pharcellus "Church" to "Virginia" O'Hanlon has a whole lot more history and symbolism behind it than what most are told.  In fact, the "famous letter" marked a turning point in American history toward religious delusion.  The symbolism of the letter itself was promoted as Masonic Iconography of the "cooperation" between the Masonic order in America and the Vatican, over it's mutual worship of Apollyon as Christ, i.e., "Sun-worship".  The symbolism of the writers name, along with the symbolism of the Child's name, reversing the roles of the Masonic order founded in "Virginia", and the Vatican as the "Church" writing in "the Sun", symbolize the merger between promotion of sun-worship between Masonic lodges in America and the Vatican, as "The Church" of "the Sun".  The actual presentation of "Church's" explanation for why "Santa" is "real", is classic Nicolaitan theological perspective shared by both Vatican Rome and the Masons, inherited in the Masons due to their split with Rome prior to the Protestant Reformation in England.  The worship of this solar-deity however is condemned in the New Testament with warnings that it is a "delusion" and will lead it's allgedly "Christian" worshipers to the "Lake of Fire" (which it literally is).  A warning both the Masons and the Vatican have turned a deaf ear to for literally centuries, in the face of protests from Rome's own clergy, who first issued the warnings centuries before the final reformation in Europe.  And whose protests were echoed consistently by virtually every major reformer from the Reformation.  There is nothing "cute" about the deluded logic and theology presented in this letter, and the cruel act of betrayal done against innocent children who simply ask for "the truth" from adults whom they "trust".  The consequences of "The Sun's" deception, not only brought historical record setting "delusion" in America, but literally led to the very real, very physical deaths of the citizens of New York City, due to the intentional lies it continuously published in it's newspaper as "real news".  Deaths not only "the Sun" directly precipitated in inciting, but spiritual ruin and perdition among all those innocent children and naive adults who trusted in the "Church" of "the Sun", as a source of truth. 

The genre of institutionalized "Hate Propaganda" known as "THE GRINCH ", is actually an intentional application of stage 3 of the genocide process, in which target minority religious and ethnic groups are compared to Animals/Insects.  This is done as part of the process of social "branding" to precipitate persecution and even violence. "Institutionalization" of this religious hate literature receives support from enemies of American freedom and democracy within America itself to undermine it's Constitutional Separation of Church and State.  The aim of invoking "Grinch" is to avoid open discussion and debate of it's theology, political intents and tactics of persecution and eliminationism, by reducing it's critics to derogatory labels, stereotypes, and yes, (stage 3 genocide).   The super-imposition of the image of a green animalistic monster over the self-image of children or their parents is no "accident".  It is being carried out with full intent, planned design, and with utter cruelty against children, who are made the "target" and "victims" of it's "hate speech" propaganda in America's public & private institutional systems. (And "hate speech" is by the dictionary definition, precisely what it is).  People who "support it" reject in practice (regardless of whatever words they may mouth) FDRs post World War II vision for America, which was built upon the four freedoms.  One of which was freedom from persecution over religion.  A concept both the caricature of "Grinch" and it's promoters completely reject, along with Theodor "Seuss" Geisel, who created it as "revenge" against New England Protestants for their involvement with Prohibition, (which closed his family's lucrative German Beer brewery).  Resentment over which, he harbored the rest of his life, and vented in his creation of "The Grinch".  On closer examination of "The Grinch" story, one will find the suppressed under-currents of rancid antisemitism, and theological "Nicolaitanism". Theodor "Seuss" Geisel was not what  (Christmas promoters) have told you he was, and neither is his story. 

THE WAR OVER CHRIST-MASS   The RELIGIOUS-REICH (a term used to distinguish from religious conservatives) has placed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in it's cross hairs for elimination.  Unfortunately, many Americans, Protestants and Evangelicals have been seduced by the false claims promoted by these new Romanists, that there is either some Biblical basis or historical precendent for eliminating our form of Constitutional government established by New England Protestants seeking protection for all Americans from the abuses of historical Rome and it's empire, and replacing it with a "Christian State". Unfortunately, that is only a deception being used to erode and eventually eliminate the very legal protections Protestant Forefathers gave their lives to establish.  The use of America as a platform for restoration of a "Christian" nation is political code for justifying the establishment of the (i.e., Holy Roman empire a/k/a Third Reich) in the United States. A political goal no real patriotic, much less "Christian", American should support on any level. The alleged "War against Christmas" began as a false flag operation to push Rome's political agenda of stripping away Constitutional rights, guaranteed to U.S. citizens, to be free from state enforced laws of religious compulsion, granted to them by their Protestant forefathers.  The "war against Christmas" was really nothing more than a aggressive attempt to create one, and use it to justify extreme measures of compulsion against American citizens.  The same trick has been "invoked" by these same political operatives to "protect Americans" against the immanent "danger" of "Sharia Law", which poses no "threat" whatsoever to Americans, but is being used as "justification" to "institute" Vatican Law in the U.S., in violation of our own Constitution.

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